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Welcome to my blog!  The purpose that made me starting this blog is to help the primary school teachers to embed ICT across the curriculum. From time to time I will post links of websites that may become useful for the teacher to use them as a resource – whether they contain printed material, flash activities or any other activities to use with the pupils. I hope that teachers will  find it useful and make  their lives a bit easier!

I mostly appreciate comments and suggestions. If someone has a site and would like to share it, do not hesitate to pass it on this emial address 4dteacher@gmail.com!

To compliment this blog I suggest teachers to visit my friends’  blogs which are listed at right side of this blog under eLearning Blogs category.



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HelpKidzLearn is a website that holds content to promote learning for young children and those children with learning difficulties. One can find games, stories, creative ideas and songs. The resources found within this website are very accessible and most of the activities are played just by clicking the spacebar or a few other keys. This website is very easy to navigate and activities vary a lot. 

Switches which can be used with children with learning disabilities

Most of the activites are designed to be use with special switches, for those children who have difficulties using the keyboard. Within this website under the Parent Tab one finds technical help for parents and teacher on how to connect special switches to the computer, how to make your mouse pointer look larger and other technical tips to make children with special needs more comfortable to play the games.

I am sure that educators and parents alike will find this website very helpful and fruitful with their children.

A fabulous site for classroom resources!

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It has been quite a long time since I used this blog! Lately I have been very busy and had not time to keep this blog updated. In my job I encounter quite a good number of sites that teachers can make a good use of them. For this reason I am going to make an effort to keep this blog going.

Communication4all.co.uk is a site full of ready made colourful resources. It is suitable for both the classroom teacher and those Learning Support Assistants having a child with special needs. Practically, it is a one-stop site where any teacher, especially those teaching Key Stage 1, finds almost what it is needed for the classroom.

Just to give you a taste, above is just  a screen shot of one of the pages within this website. I suggest that teachers should give it look and they won’t be sorry!

One can say that this is a blessing and time-saving for the busy and hectic life of teachers!!

Great for IWB!

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Lately I discovered this site which is completely dedicated to activities which can be used with any IWB. The site is http://www.iwb.org.uk/ . The activities vary from Foundation age up to KS3. Mainly, the activities are accompanied with the learning objectives and lesson pack. It is worthed to give it a try!

A Great site for Kindergarten Kids!

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Poisson Rouge is an incredible site which I discovered thanks to two of my colleagues. This site is full of great educational games ideal for children of kindergarten age. Children and teachers will sure love it instantly. Children will learn mouse handling skills indirectly whilst doing the activities. Those schools who have IWB, this site is loaded with suitable activities to  be used through this medium. 

My four year old kid adores it! 😀

Early ICT

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This site www.kented.org.uk/ngfl/earlyict/  is very suitable for teachers both in Kindergarten classes and Year 1. It presents wonderful ideas how the teacher can make simple activities using ICT. It develops specific topics which are frequently used in the class. Each topic is presented with a simple lesson plan which develops in various manners.

I am sure that those teachers who explore this site will get precious ideas on how to use computers with their pupils.


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SpotHere is something for Kindergarten teachers!!  This site www.funwithspot.com/uk/ is worderful for children ages 4 and 5. It contains lovey, colourful and simple activities for the children to complete.

Children can colour, make their own story with pre-made scenes, learn to count etc. All is made simple for children to complete the tasks. 


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Learning Clip Website

This is a wonderful website www.learningclip.com  for those Interactive Whiteboard lovers!! It is great as well for those who wish to experiment and start using this powerful tool. 

This site contains loads of educational interactive games suitable for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6(7) classes. All clips are based on mathematics and are free of charge. They come together with worksheets and notes. 

To make use of these resources one must register first and create a username and password.

I suggest  teachers to give it a try!!


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title1    Lately I came across this website www.kented.org.uk , it is a very good example how we educators can implement ICT in our everyday lesson plans and make elearning effective. This website contains examples of how teachers can use IWB (interactive white boards) with their pupils. One can also find activities/games to compliment. This site is packed with cross curricular ICT resources and by no doubt every teacher will find something that suits his/her class!!


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ictlogoDo you have the problem of finding suitable ict games for young children? So this is the site for you.   www.ictgames.co.uk is a website that contains numeracy and literacy games which the teacher may use as part of his/her lesson plans. These games are more suitable for Years 1, 2 and 3 classes. 

I think they work great if  your school has an interactive whiteboard!!


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SchoolExpress website is fabulous! It contains loads of thematic units workbooks which one can download in PDF format.  One can also find eworkbooks which concentrate on one particular subject or area. I am sure that teachers no matter which class they have are going to find something suitable to their needs. 

I suggest that one subscribes to the site’s newletter to be kept informed if any other workbook is added.

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